Tematic Social Media and other B2C websites and Apps.

Digitalground creates and runs websites and social networks.
Born in 2005 Digitalground manages an always growing network of websites.

We have a driving passion for professional standars offering a strong understanding of the web. We also pride ourselves on being friendly, honest and great to deal with for businesses.

The most important project realized by Digitalground is Livepetitions.com, Livepetition is a network that allows users to create, share and sign petitions online
Take a look to www.livepetitions.com and explore the place in the web from which you can start to fight for a better world.

Digitalground isn’t just Livepetitions, other projects like Goalterest and Masanews are online and many more are in our minds waiting to be realized.
In our product section you will discover all of them.

Our History

2006 - Digitalground is founded

In year 2006 MCC has founded Digitalground, the first of the London based companies he has founded. Digitalground starts full of projects, and London is the best place to start building something. The first big idea is a network that fights for big causes, a network that could move closer people and their need to make our planet better for everyone. These are the first steps which will lead to Livepetitions.com

2007 - FIRMIAMO.IT launch

Firmiamo.it is the first website of Livepetitions network.

Italy is the first country that tests all the functionalities and potentials of the petition website we had in mind, since 2007 Firmiamo.it is the most important petition website in Italy.

If you're Italian and you have a cause to support, this is the link for you: www.firmiamo.it

2008 - Masanews launch

Masanews is a network of thematic magazines. Masanews follows thousands of information sources and it classifies it by theme in a database to release them to its users.

Thanks to Feed Rss you will be able to read news, create your own magazine and follow other user's magazines.

Discover Masanews, discover a new way to be informed.

2009 - JESIGNE.FR launch

Livepetitions.com new project is dedicated to France, Jesigne.fr is launched to help French users to fight for their causes.

We are so happy that Livepetitions speaks another language that we can't wait to launch many new countries.

If you're French and you have a cause to support, this is the link for you: www.jesigne.fr

2010 - Other Livepetition Launches

Another version of Livepetition in launched, this is the time for us to speak spanish and conquer Spain with our petitions.

If you're Spanish and you have a cause to support, this is the link for you: www.firmemos.es

Petizia.ru and Sawtt.com are launched also, opening Livepetition projects to Russia and Egypt.


2012 is a big year for Digitalground, a new websites is launched, this websites focuses on football, or as our American friends say 'soccer'. On Goalterest users can publish and share the most beautiful pictures of football and their favourites players of all time.

IMilano is the first mobile app realized by Digitalground, IMilano is a very useful app to discover many points of interest in the city of Milan, Italy.

You can find schools, theatres, museums, parkings, services, transportations just by tapping on your iPhone, we are so proud to have this product in our portfolio we can't wait users to download it!

2012 is also the year of the relaunch of Livepetitions, the platform gets a new look on all of its websites and finally gotosign.co.uk and livepetition.us the english speaking platforms are online.

The staff of Livepetition is currently working on new releases, discover all of them in our Products section.

Why Choose Us

Proven experience

With 10 years of combined content and development expertise and some high profile partners on our books we offer an unmatched understanding of our field. We pride ourselves on being open, honest and impartial, ensuring we get the best possible results for our project.

Unique solutions

Since every business is unique we believe our websites should reflect this. Each and every website we design, create and run is specifically tailored-made to represent existing activities and worlds. We have an outstanding and faithful network of users worldwide that uses daily our websites and social networks.

We build and encourage strong relationships

Our users are the most important thing to us. We build our business connections on honesty and integrity, ensuring that our relationships last years not months. We actively seek opportunities for both clients and suppliers, often going far beyond the traditional means of networking.